Our Beliefs

We believe in the Glorious God. 

We believe that when we speak of God’s glory, we refer to the Trinity's unmatched and infinite importance, weightiness, and fame. In short He is perfection and worthy of all worship. As a result, we seek to live our lives to joyfully declare and demonstrate how amazing He is. Our lives are not spent promoting our own fame, our own agenda, or our own glory. We remind ourselves that as one historical line goes, “the chief end of man [human beings] is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Whether it’s standing breathless on the edge of the Grand Canyon as the sun rises, enjoying a carefully crafted story, or getting lost gazing into a starry sky we are reminded that we are not the end-all of the universe - we are here for His glory. We believe that God has revealed Himself throughout history and that has been recorded in the Bible. Through that we learn that there is one eternal God and that He is three persons- the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit, each person is fully God and is intimately involved with creation. We believe that these are not abstract facts, but provide the reality within which we find our own stories taking place. 

We believe that our lives are to be Gospel-Centered.

The gospel is the huge, life-reorienting true Story of what Jesus has accomplished for us through His life, death, and physical resurrection. This good news doesn’t just secure us a place in heaven, but it is also the truth that transforms our lives here and now. The gospel simultaneously destroys and rebuilds us by telling us these two truths. First, each of us is more messed up and worse off before God than we ever thought. And second, because of Jesus, it is possible to be more loved and accepted by God than we ever dared dream. The implications of these truths are huge. As we experience the truth of the gospel we see that we cannot simply go about “life as usual”, but through faith in what Jesus has done, we see how it creates within us an absolutely different identity than dead, moralistic religion. It produces a life motivated by gratefulness and joy that does not need to try harder or do more in order to be loved and accepted by God. As a community we believe that even after we are brought from death to life by the gospel, we are to continue to live by the implications of that good news in all of our lives, by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

We believe that we are to be Missionally-Engaged.

We believe that when the grace of God is continually poured out on you, it does not leave you stagnant, but pushes you out to live your life as a signpost pointing towards the giver of that grace. We are not content to be merely passive receivers of the grace of God, but actively seek to engage and bless the communities we find ourselves in. The good news of what God has done in our lives brings an intentionality and purpose to our lives. God has called the community of those people who have believed the good news of Jesus the church. As the church we are committed to taking a posture of service within our city and modeling our lives after Jesus, who worked, ate and interacted among the people - living and speaking in such a way that those around him could see and experience what God is truly like.  This is not a new mission for our church, but invites us to participate in what God has been doing throughout the history of the world.  Inviting us to participate in the Missio Dei, or the "Mission of God" (Sending God.) We believe that the Holy Spirit empowers and continually ministers to those who believe and are living in step with the gospel. We believe that Jesus is coming back again to finalize the restoration of his creation, to reign over his redeemed, and to judge those who have continued in their rebellion to God rather than trust in the salvation God offers through Jesus Christ.Email us if you'd like a copy of our doctrinal statement: info@greatbaygospel.com