Our Story

In June of 2009 a few people gathered together in a living room to pray, plot, and scheme about how to invest their lives living more faithfully as the church of Jesus.  It had only been a few short months before  that the idea to even plant a new church had been conceived, but the details and vision began to come together. The plan was simple enough- start off as one missional community and continue to multiply as God blessed our church with new disciples.

The driving force behind starting a new church hasn't been frustration or a reaction to any other church, but instead it is a desperate desire to plant the gospel with new people.  We all knew the journey would be intense, but none of us knew how difficult the past few years would be. Yet even through times of intense pain we were able to see God faithfully building and growing his church here in the Great Bay area.  A few months into planting the church God blessed us with a building that we meet at and utilize as a mission outpost.  

Over the last four years God has shaped together a community of people who are serious about figuring out what it means to live out the gospel in community.  We have grown from one to four missional communities who live life together as a families of servant missionaries, making disciples of the people God calls them to. We are far from perfect, and don't have all the answers dialed in, but are convinced that even though we are great sinners, we have a great Savior. 

If you are interested in joining with us on the mission to declare and demonstrate the gospel in the Great Bay area, or are just curious about Jesus, please get in touch either through someone you know who is a part of the church, or by e-mailing us at info@greatbaygospel.com