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The Horror of Unrepentant Hearts

Posted on June 18, 2017

Revelation 8-9

The last point was not recorded. Sorry for this error. Here are my sparse notes on that last section:


The Great Human Law - We become like what we love - deaf, blind, unmoved.





The Great Cure - What is the CURE for being deaf, blind, paralyzed? Repentance


  • Repentance must take place. Not the i'm sorry business that we have so grown accustomed to in our lives as a way to pacify the people we sin against, it’s not just regret. but the godly repentance that is shown to us by the spirit and revealed to us in scripture. Repentance is radical, heart-felt, gut wrenching turning away from idols that have promised delight but have delivered death.

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The Great Miss - Where we have missed the cure? Fear in place of Grace


  • We have neutered the power of Christ's Return by utilizing fear in the place of grace and patience. Many have been deceived about their eternal destiny because of the manipulative tactics of fear in place of the good news of Jesus.

  • Grace changes things. We all deserve God’s justice, yet we have been sealed and saved - belonging to God.

  • We begin the process of change in our lives when we come to grips with how bad we are and how good God is and that he doesn’t give us what we deserve.

  • God in his kindness and steadfast love is giving us and the world time so that more may come to know how good he is.