Psalm 20-21

Posted on May 19, 2014.

I wanted to wait and post these two Psalms together because they are meant to be read together. Psalm 20 is the prayer of the people to God before battle and Psalm 21 is the praise of the people to God after the battle.

Two things that punched me in the gut. First, the confidence that the people of God pray with is not in their equipment and adequacy to out power their opponents forces, but in the God that they serve. Now none of us are literally fighting anyone, but I have heard myself say this before, man if we had more people here, we would have more MC's and we would make a bigger dent in LEH. Translated - I wish we had more chariots and horses (20:7-8). For you it could be a host of other situations you battle - man if I just lost 10 lbs I would be more happy, if my kids just acted this way or that my life would be ...., if I just had a little bit more money or more time or more knowledge. You see it is a human condition to trust in our horses and chariots. This is foolish to the Psalmist. God help us trust in the Lord.

Second, when God acts they are always quick to rejoice in Him. The psalms are filled with worship. I love it for that reason. It makes me aware of my lack of worship.

Whatever you are battling today. Whatever wages war for your affections and desires. Trust in the Lord. He is sufficient. He is enough.