Psalm 22

Posted on May 20, 2014.

This is a well known Psalm because of its connection to the crucifixion of Jesus. Some see it as a prophetic picture of the sufferings of Jesus others just a lament Psalm for a person suffering injustice. It seems to be best to read it as a lament Psalm and recognize that Jesus was identifying with it in his sufferings. IF you want to see how the two run together check out Matthew 27.

This idea of being forsaken is one that many of us may feel deep in our guts. Could be parents, a friend, a situation, but we feel like we have been abandoned to suffer in our situation alone. What is worse is it seems like God is absent too! This psalm takes it even a step further and talks about how in our despair people that should have empathy for us actually mock our situations. Everything is against us.

The grim situation suddenly turns in v.19. The confidence of the psalmist is returning as he considers all of the times that God has come to his/her aid. He has rescued me before and he can rescue me again today. As a result, the confidence of the psalmist results in a song (v.22). It is a song about how he will proclaim the Good News of a rescuing God. It will be a song that is sung from the individual, the people of God (Israel), and every nation on earth.

1. What would be the song that you would sing? The last line is so powerful - He has done it! What has God done?

2. What are the situations in life that help you forget the quickest all that God has done and is doing? How do you start to confidently remind yourself of his rescue in the midst of them?