Psalm 23

Posted on May 21, 2014.

This Psalm has become one of my favorites to meditate on. In a world that teaches us a story about ME, it sings me a tune about my need. It put's God back into his rightful spot and relegates me back to where I belong - as a dependent. The funny thing is that our lives live out a very different reality. Obviously when things get hard we cling to a text like this, but what about our everyday life?

Take some time to read through this link. Which story better portrays your perspective this morning, the psalm or the anti-psalm?

As you work through it recognize that God has already, is currently, and will forever provide for all our needs. Our responsibility is to obey and delight in him, our Good Shepherd. You have been invited to the richest of banquets and need not bring anything - God has already provided!

1. Which one of these verses is good news to you today? Why?

2. Take time to write this text down on a notecard and dwell on it throughout the day.

3. Repent of ways that you are living out the anti-psalm then celebrate the reality of God in in Psalm 23.