Our faith is not based on a list of rules to obey, nor is it a temporary escape from disillusioned lives. Rather it is basedon The Story of a loving God who has relentlessly pursued a people and demonstrated this most explicitly by sending his Son to live the life we should have lived and die the death we deserved. We believe that we don’t create our own stories, but rather find our identity coming out of God’s story. Our faith in what Jesus has done creates new identities for us:Family, Learners, Servants, Missionaries.


We are a family. God, the perfect heavenly Father, has adopted us as His children. This means that we live together in authentic relationships as brothers and sisters. We are committed to one another and long to see the gospel lived out more fully in each other’s lives.


We are learners. We are devoted to the process of understanding how to live our lives around the life, mission and teaching of Jesus Christ. We take seriously the call of Jesus to “come follow me” and try to see more clearly who God is and what the gospel means for my life.


We are servants. Because our God was willing to serve us to the point of death, we are committed to taking a posture of service in our city. We model our lives after Jesus who served others as he worked, ate, and interacted among people – living and speaking in such a way that those around him could experience what God is truly like.


We are missionaries. God has poured out ridiculous amounts of grace on us and sent us into the world to demonstrate and declare this grace. We actively seek to engage and bless the communities we find ourselves in. This brings intentionality and purpose as we live day to day.

Everything we do as a church flows out of these gospel identities.

These Identities are borrowed from Soma Communities.