The Meekins Family

Darryl and Casey Meekins along with their three children, serve in Cape Town, South Africa where Darryl is originally from. After spending a few years in the US working as a Missions Professor at a Christian University , Darryl and his family felt burdened to return to his homeland to bring help and hope to the people of South Africa. One of the most critical needs facing the country is a shortage of quality education across the spectrum. From elementary schools to Universities, the education sector has struggled immensely due to economic and political factors. Often, educators themselves are not trained sufficiently and the competence of their students suffers as a result. For a nation that suffers from deep poverty and with 30% unemployment, gaining critical skills and knowhow to access the economy is crucial. Darryl works in the University system as an academic and consultant and teaches classes every semester. However, that is not enough. Beyond economic transformation, what people most need is spiritual transformation. We endeavor to  find, train, mentor and assist in developing disciples of Christ that will use their head, heart and hands to love God and love people through their vocation. This is the essence behind our work, we call it “Praxis”.  We hope that, through Praxis ( and the other projects we are a part of like consulting ( & church planter training ( we can have an impact that is exponential. We work as tentmakers and supplement our work through support from our partners in the US. Please feel free to contact us for more information on partnership, giving, mission or anything else you want to talk about - at