• Sunday Gatherings

    When most of us think of “Church” we think of a building or a 90-minute service. I know that's the common definition, but we don't think that a pretty building is quite what Jesus had in mind when he sent out his followers to live as missionaries in His world.  As a church we believe we are called to be a movement of Gospel Communities living everyday life with gospel intentionalityWe are convinced that the church is supposed to both gather together for worship,prayer, teaching, fellowship, but is also supposed to scatter throughout this world as communities of light.

    Sunday Gatherings:

    The Sunday gathering is not the main event for our community, but we do value it highly. Like most churches we regularly come together to eat, preach, pray, sing, and participate in communion. However, we see this less as the main way we live as a church and more as Gospel Communities coming together to celebrate, learn, and worship. 

    Anyone is welcome to come and worship Jesus with us, but our desire is that people come into the family of believers, not just the front doors of the building.The kids get together to learn the same truths as the adults, just at an age appropriate level.  

    We deeply value discipling kids and think that the Great Commission extends to them.  For more information on GB: Kids Click Here. Our church gets together on Sundays at 10am @ 820 Radio Road in Mystic Island. CLICK HERE FOR A MAP.

    Missional Communities:

    Missional Communities that are centered on the gospel are our primary expression of the church. These are not just for the people who “want to go deeper with their faith.” Rather they are a family of people who are being transformed by the gospel that commit to living out God’s mission together by demonstrating and declaring the gospel to each other and those who are not living under it. We are learning how to live in gospel community and hope to continue to multiply these communities across the Great Bay area.